Friends of Old Pickens: Most of our "Friends" have renewed their membership fees through the end of 2012. We appreciate your support as we continue to use these funds to maintain the church and cemeteries and to move forward with our goals.

Planned Event: A huge indoor/outdoor "Fund the Foundation" sale will take place at 8:00 to 12:00 at the church...rain or shine...on Saturday, August 25th. All items will be priced to sell and are negotiable so if you see something of interest, make an offer. If you have completed your Spring cleaning or are in the process of down sizing, bring your donated items for the sale to the church any Sunday afternoon for storage until the day of the sale. The church is now open from 2:30 to 4:30 every Sunday afternoon. Remember that the Foundation is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. The value of your donated items and/or anything purchased will be tax deductible. In addition to the sale, refreshments will be available and a gospel musician will entertain you while you "shop".

Board of Directors: There are still vacancies on the Board. If you are interested in local history or if you have ties to Old Pickens, you are needed. Funds are necessary to maintain the property. These funds are raised by presenting interesting events and help is always needed to plan and present them for public participation. If you think you might like to help, please call Sharon at 944-5762 or Joyee at 944-5ll2 or let any Board member know. Meetings are held monthly every fourth Tuesday evening at 6:30 at the Keowee Key Activity Center. Current Board members are Jack Parris, President, Sharon Brosnan, Vice President, and Annie Brown, Treasurer. Other members are Carol Bickel, Joyce Briickett, Lillian Koleszar, Cathy Link and Carolyn Maddox.

Maintenance: A Duke Energy crew is scheduled to remove a large branch of the big old oak tree that has fallen near some of the older graves in the cemetery. They will also fix the pot holes at the entrance. Jack has replaced the rickety hand rail on the stairs going up to the slave gallery. The new front entrante ramp will be secured so it can remain outside permanently. Other ways to secure the property are being explored. Duke still patrols but sometimes they are not able to come by as often as we would like them to.

Visitors: Since the entrance gate on state road 183 is open every day, folks come from all over to visit the site. As ststed previously, the church is opcn to visitors, with a Board member present, every Sunday afternoon. This schedule will be good up until the end of October. A great way to share our local history with your visitors is to bring them by. If the church is not open, please sign the guest log in the mailbox by the front door.

Cemeteries: There are still plans to straighten up some of the grave markers. Our Eagle Scout is still working on his mapping project. All of this takes time and manpower which is hard to come by sometimes.

Your tax-deductible membership also supports maintenance of the cemeteries. Please remember to renew your membership either in the Fall or Spring. You make all the difference. Thank you.

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