H.O.P. News:
The Annual Meeting of the Historic Old Pickens Board was held on April 28. The current members are: Jack Parris (president), Joyce Brickett (treasurer), Frank Strickland (secretary), Martha Parris, Carolyn Maddox, and Greg Lambert. Sunday, May 3 was chosen to begin the season of open house for the church. We open at 2:30 and typically close by 5:30. If you would like to serve as a docent on Sundays, even though you are not a member of the board, you can! Just contact us for the schedule. The board is taking two steps to improve a visitor's experience at Old Pickens.

In 2014, Duke Energy approved the Board's request to add a Visitor Information/Picnic Kiosk to the Old Pickens site. The sixteen feet by sixteen feet "open air" structure will sit to the right of the church and just inside the wood line. The left wall and rear wall will be enclosed to use for displays. The front will have two screened windows, as will the right wall (not shown). The natural slope of the ground toward the building's front means it will be handicapped accessible. There will be a table and seating available inside.

The Board is excited about the addition of a structure on site so our weekly visitors can have access to historical information about the old church and its cemetery, as well as enabling us to remove much of this material from the church's interior.

The Board believes the addition of a visitor center enables us to promote the value of preserving and maintaining this historic church and site. The projected cost of the structure is $16,000. Construction grants, as you might suspect, simply are not available. Like any project for Old Pickens, we are asking our foundation partners to help us make this a reality. You can use the form below, or if mailing a check, just earmark if the Kiosk.

In this effort to make the Old Pickens site more "visitor friendly", we also intend to locate benches at various spots on the property. The bench is being built by a local artisan, Ralph Duvall. A bench can be sponsored for $325, which includes a plaque in memory of a family or relative. The bench shown here has already been installed and is an example of what we intend to put in.

In still other news, a quilt has been chosen, Courthouse Steps, and is presently under production, which will put Old Pickens on the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail in 2016.

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