H.O.P. News:

Downed Tree: Another large oak tree fell very near the church during one of our storms. Luckily, although very close, it did not harm the building and only disturbed two grave markers. Duke Security cut up and removed the wood from the property and even secured the graves better than what they were before. Duke has been a gracious friend, protector and supporter ever since our relationship began back in the early 1970s.

Bees: We thought we were going to have a horrendous problem and even brought in two different professional bee experts, but patience paid off and we think (hope) they have left.

Help Needed for Project:

Board members are searching for information concerning the folks buried in our cemeteries. From the grave markers, we have learned many were veterans serving during various past wars or conflicts. What we are looking for is "the rest of the story". Not only would we like information about veterans, but also about anyone buried at Old Dickens. We would like to honor these folks and document their stories so they can be available to future generations. Even though we have researched the names and have some information, you know "the stories" best. Here are ideas of what we would like to know. If a veteran…their branch of service, rank, years served and if they suffered harm or arrived home safe? How are you related…even if you were a friend? Where did this person live? Do you know other members of the family? What was their occupation? Are there descendants you know about? Do you know anything about the family origin…and/or anything else you might like to share? Please send what you know to the HOP address below or call Sharon at 864-944-5762 or e mail Carol at, or then there is on the contact form.


Wedding: We are excited that Historic Old Dickens Church was chosen to be the site of a wedding on July 13. The church has an ambiance that some couples appreciate.

Fund Raiser Event: On November 3rd at 2:30 in the afternoon, HOP will host a Gospel Music Happening. We are honored to welcome back Greg Lambert…gospel singer extraordinaire. Besides his wonderful guitar music, Greg also plays the dulcimer. Reverend Charlie Dougherty has agreed to assist again with his message and the humor that we love. Additional talent will be added to the program so please reserve this date on your calendar. Watch the newspaper and bulletins for additional information on this event in November.

Sunday Afternoon: The church will continue to be open on Sunday afternoons from 2:30 to 5:00 until the big event in November.

Future Plans and Financial Status: We are holding our own. We know that the roof will have to be replaced in the next year. Some money has been set aside to cover it but additional funds are needed for this costly but important item. Other ideas we have had are to erect a cabin that would be similar to those located in the village of Old Dickens. The real purpose would be to provide visitors with our information when they visit and the church is not open. Visitors come almost every day and sign the visitors' log in the mailbox. The structure might also have a picnic table. Visitors would be able to sit and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Funding for this type of structure is not currently in our budget, but we are looking at scout troops or others who might be looking for such a project. Does anyone know how to "age" lumber so that it appears old? Grant applications might be another funding source.

Loss: We are very sad to report the death of a former Board member. Lillian Koleszar, along with her husband Dean, were hard workers at the church. Together, they painted and restored our window shutters. We will miss Lillian.


Our sincere thanks go out to the many folks who continue to renew their membership and support HOP. We depend on your support in order to maintain the building and grounds and pay the bills. If your membership is soon to expire, or if you wish to make a donation, please fill out the form below and send it along with your check to:
Historic Old Dickens Foundation, P.O. Box 149, Salem, S.C. 29676.
or call Haron at 864-944-5762, or e mail Carol

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